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Accuracy. Integrity. Personal Service.

At FHS Tax Services, we specialize in accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services for small businesses, and individuals. We pride ourselves on providing accurate and customized personal service to each client.


Tax Planning and
Compliance Services

Annual Tax Returns: Prepare Federal and State (all states) income tax returns for individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, estates and trusts. File and amend prior year tax returns.

Tax Planning: Provide business and personal tax strategies prior to fiscal year end to legally reduce the annual tax burden.

Periodic Tax Returns: Prepare property, payroll, sales and use and franchise returns.

State Licensing: Prepare annual state licensing reports.


Financial Health Solutions for Your Business

Business Plans: Prepare and review of company business plans to secure capital investments or bank financing.

Budgets: Project revenue, expense and cash flow for future periods to maximize shareholder profitability.

Internal Control Study: On-site review of the separation of responsibilities within your company to reduce the risk of fraud.

Transaction Support: Assist with buyer/seller financial due diligence to support the acquisition or disposal of a business entity.


Prompt Document Filing Schedules

Bookkeeping & Records: Prepare and maintain of supporting documents to record monthly transactions, reconcile bank accounts, manage accounts receivable and payable, maintain fixed assets records and provide management financial statements periodically.

Payroll: Prepare and process payroll, generate checks, prepare quarterly and annual filings and prepare and distribute employee W-2’s and contractor/vendor 1099’s.

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